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Teen Volunteerism
Youth sharing their ideas on volunteering and how their actions make an impact. Change The World through volunteering and contributing to your community. To learn more about what you can do, visit

Do SomethingDo Something is a website made by people who believe teens have the power to make a difference. It is their aim to inspire, support and celebrate a generation of doers: teens who see the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and then take action.

At they provide the tools and resources for you to convert your ideas and energy into positive action. Be part of a generation of doers.

Five guidelines of

1. Believe in teenagers. Teenagers can lead today. We don't require adults.

2. Trust teenagers. We provide reliable, easy to access information and activation strategies, but teens decide for themselves what to do.

3. Celebrate teenagers. We think all measurable contributions from teens are valuable.

4. Respect teenagers. We understand that teenagers have diverse abilities and constraints.

5. Value teenagers. Our programs and products are free. We're not after teens' money; we want their passion, time and creativity.

Do Something Award (Teen Choice Awards)

The Do Something Award recognizes amazing young people. Nine nominees —who saw a problem in the world and then tackled it—will each win $10,000 for their cause. One lucky winner will receive the grand prize, which is $100,000. The Do Something Award (formerly the BR!CK Awards) is a program of Do Something, a New York-based not-for-profit that reaches about 11.5 million young people annually. This award celebrates young people making a difference in the world.

If you think you want to get involved and “do something,” then check it out:  

Check out teen-led events at the website TEDxTeen, where TEDTalks video and live teen speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in small groups.

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