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Environmental Education A youth-focused website from the State of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection.

Green Teens Club We are just a group of kids who think that we can do what we were told was impossible - change the world. We’re just your ordinary group of high school kids who believe that living a greener life now means a better life for our future.

Water Conservation A global website that's all about saving water, featuring helpful suggestions on what you can do every day. Included is the African Water Project, plus more helpful links.

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Recycle Works This website from the County of San Mateo is all about recycling, and how you can participate.

Endangered Animal Library A website from the African American Environmentalist Association that lists animals that are at risk of extinction. The also site offers ways you can get involved to help.

Environmental Youth Alliance (EYA) is a local youth driven non-profit organization dedicated to the health of our urban environment, our planet & the well-being of its people. By providing young people with meaningful employment, in projects that benefit our communities, we support our environment socially as well as ecologically.

Climate Change Resources Use the resources below to get smart on climate change and what you can do to make a difference.

Global Warming Central: This guide will help you discover all about global warming, what causes it and what you can do at home or at school to help change it. Thanks for the referral, Bethany!

EPA Climate Change Kids Site: Games, links, climate animation, tools for teachers, and more resources on climate change.

EPA ENERGY STAR Kids Site: Why your planet needs you and how you can make big changes to help.

EPA ENERGY STAR Kids Room: You Can Make Big Changes: Choose "Eureka! We’ve Found It! See Where You Can Make a Difference in Our World" to learn what you can do in your bedroom to save energy and the planet.

EPA: At School – What You Can Do: Planning resources and a directory about reducing greenhouse gas emissions for students, educators, and administrators.

Behind Every Illusion: A novel by Christina Harner about the "extraordinary ways the earth has evolved in a desperate attempt to save itself from the destruction caused by humankind."

Pew Center: Global Warming - Kids Page: A basic understanding of global warming, how it occurs, and how you can help stop the process, in a question and answer format. A kid’s portal with links on global warming, climate change, and solutions.

Year of Science: Take AIM at Climate Change Video: Welcome to the celebration of weather and climate!

Air Pollution Resources

EPA Environmental Kids Club: Causes of air pollution and what you can do to keep the air clean.

EcoHealth: There’s Something in the Air: Information on air pollution, smog and air quality.

EcoHealth: Ozone’s Split Personality: The positive and negative aspects of ozone.

Kids 4 Clean Air: Clean Air Kids: An overview of air quality, smog, today’s pollution issues, gases, and smoking.

Kids 4 Clean Air: Clean Air Kids Games and Puzzles: Information sheets, games, and puzzles about clean air.

Extreme Weather Events

EcoHealth: Storms: Weather Gone Wild: Changing climate patterns and how they create weather events like thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

EcoHealth: Floods: Water Gone Wild: Changing climate patterns and specific information about floods.

Climate and Infectious Disease

EcoHealth: Hitching a Ride to Find the Host with the Most: The effects of vectors, how global warming affects vectors, and the deadly illnesses they spread.

Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change

EcoKids: Planet Protectors: Carbon Dioxide is Taking Over the World!: An interactive game about carbon dioxide and climate change.

Climate Change and Hunger

EcoHealth: Agriculture: Growing Problems: How climate change affects agriculture and hunger.

Climate Change and Heat Waves

EcoHealth: Things are Heating Up!: How climate change affects rising temperatures, summer heat waves, and health.

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

EcoHealth: Sea Change: Rising Ocean Levels: How global warming contributes to rising sea and ocean levels.

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