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Fast Food Leads to Obesity and Other Health Issues

Fast Food 

In the video above, a trailer from the dramatic feature film Fast Food Nation graphically illustrates the impact fast food has on obesity and other health issues. Based on material from the incendiary book Fast Food Nation, a no-holds-barred exploration of the fast food industry that ultimately revealed the dark side of the "All American Meal." The film is released by Fox Searchlight.

Also in the video, the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab connects WHRO Public Media with a journalism class at Granby High School in Norfolk, VA. The student-produced report exposes the relationship between America's fast food addiction and the obesity epidemic. The students discuss the many health issues that arise from eating too much fast food as well as offer viewers healthier food choices compatible with busy lifestyles.

So, after viewing, how do you answer this:

Are There Healthy Fast-Food Options?

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