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3 Self Defeating Things Every Teen Should Stop Doing Today
Breaking bad habits and self defeating behavior.

Understanding Social Weapons
A look at the non-violent things that people do to hurt others with tips to help you beat them at their own game.

Dealing With Rumors and Gossip
Learn how to deal with "forked tongue talk" and make the gossip look like the one with a problem. Put an end to the games without even breaking a sweat.

Dealing With Name Calling and Labeling
What to do when the name calling starts getting on your nerves. Learn HEALTHY ways to cope with attacks using these types of "social weapons".

Peer Pressure, A Poem   
A short poem about what peer pressure does and how long it lasts.

The Cool Spot - pressures 
The young teen’s place for resisting peer pressure and alcohol.

On Your Mind .net
For Teens by Teens. Stressed? Angry? Sad? Confused? Confidential info, resources & chat.

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