Bullying and School Violence

In this teen-produced video, consequences of bullying and school violence are seen through a vignette, Columbine phone calls and student and expert interviews. Find out more in our Violence/Bullying channel.

Bullying and School Violence


TEEN TRUTH: Drug and Alcohol Abuse

DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE is a poignant film that engages, entertains and educates the viewer about the risks of drug and alcohol use. This follow-up to TEEN TRUTH: BULLY melds intense music, graphics, and teen shot footage with sobering interviews featuring students, drug authorities, and addicts to deliver an honest look inside substance abuse. A must see for all youth, TEEN TRUTH: DRUGS & ALCOHOL delivers an unforgettable message that will make anyone reconsider his or her next hit or sip. To learn more about what you can do, visit our Substance Abuse channel.

Drugs and Alcohol